Corporate Team Building

People have different ways of perceiving, different strengths, and unique skills.  One of the things that so excites us about escape rooms for corporate team building is their ability to tap into the wide variety of personalities and learning types, draw upon these strengths, and illuminate ways in which our teammates can lead that we may not have considered.  Well-designed rooms, with their variety of puzzle types, also expose, in a low-stakes, high laughter environment, ways in which we could improve upon team communication and attitudes.  And what’s most important, at the end of the day – everyone comes away with a hilarious handful of memories and some stories to take back to the office.

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HATCH currently offers the following booking options.:

Booking Options

Escape Room Booking Only

up to 8 participants per 60-minute session.
$312 per session

Escape Room Booking + Pre- and Post-briefing

20 minute pre- and 45-minute post-room facilitated briefing highlighting observations about the team.
Up to 8 participants per 120-minute session.
$375 per session, including facilitator